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WRCMS 2018 schedule


  • Events highlighted in yellow are open to the public. Most events, other than guest artist concerts, have free entry – though donations at the door are are appreciated!
  • Black lines are on the hour (ex. 10:00am); grey lines are on the half-hour (ex. 10:30am).
  • Daytime events will take place on the campus of Wilfrid Laurier University (75 University Ave W, Waterloo).


Identity and New Music
Tuesday July 31st 11am-1pm
room A221
Hosted by: Laura Mae Lindo and Gabriel Dharmoo
In this engaging panel/workshop, participants will have a chance to discuss and engage in discourse about various ways identity plays a role in our work, what challenges we may face, and how to best face those challenges and support one another.

Interdisciplinary Collaboration
Tuesday July 31st 4-6pm
room A221
Hosted by: Tanya Williams, An-Laurence Higgins, and Gabriel Dharmoo
Three artists with varied backgrounds in interdisciplinary collaboration including film, improvisation, and contact dance, will share samples of their work and discuss the ways in which the practices of improvisation and collaboration have affected how they live life.

Thursday August 2nd 7:30-9:30pm
room A221
Hosted by: Heidi Wall, Sara Constant, and Andrzej Tereszkowski
Panelists will discuss important elements of building a ‘new music’ community, how to engage new audiences, and their own experiences and challenges faced in community-building.

Professional Development
Friday August 3rd 11am-1pm
room A221
Hosted by: Bekah Simms and Jeffrey Stonehouse
Join our panelists as they share their own definitions of and approaches to professional development, the role of mentorship, and what roles visibility (or “audibility”) play in their professional lives.

Creative Use of Samples and Found Sound
Saturday August 4th 11am-1pm
room A221
Hosted by: Vanese Smith (a.k.a. Pursuit Grooves)
In this workshop Smith will show experimental use of samples/found sounds and how to incorporate them into your productions from an electronic music perspective. Using every day sounds like cabinet doors, key rattles and train movement to create percussion, ambiance and texture.

Concerts: Additional Information

For more details about the artists performing in WRCMS’ evening concerts, please click here. Many of our artists are also hosting daytime workshops and/or panels.

Afternoon Concerts

Afternoon concerts will feature performances by WRCMS participants. Several participants will be competing as part of the Contemporary Performance Prize.