Paysafecard is a prepaid card to pay online safely, without using any electronic wallet or credit or debit card additionally. Being a fast and simple method, many of the online casinos accept this payment method. One of its strengths is the security they offer, since you do not need to link any bank account to the prepaid card, so it is one of the most popular methods among players. In this opinion we tell you all about paysafecard and we reveal in which online casinos you can use it.

Online casinos with paysafecard

There are many online casinos in Canada that offer this method of payment and surely, your favorite also includes it. For example, William Hill Casino , StarVegas Casino , bet365 Casino, Wanabet Casino, PokerStars Casino, Casino777 … As you can see, they all include this payment method of Austrian origin. The moment you register your account at one of these casinos, check well if they have the icon to pay comfortably.

Paysafecard has become one of the leading prepaid methods for gaming portals, as it is present in 45 countries and is compatible with more than 25 currencies . These aspects together with the fact that it is super easy to use, have made it the preferred method of the players.

Promotions of paysafecard in online casinos

Many of the bonuses offered by online casinos usually have conditions regarding payment methods, whether they are welcome offers or deposit bonuses. In many of the conditions, paysafecard is accepted as a method of payment, although in others it is excluded since bonuses for prepaid cards are not offered.

Either way, we advise you to review the terms and conditions of promotions in online casinos well so you can know the requirements they set.

Control your money with paysafecard

In addition to the security it offers, it is also important to note that using these prepaid cards helps to control the expenses you have and thus avoid depositing more than the account. In Canada, for example, you have them of various amounts: $ 10, $ 25, $ 50 and $ 100 and once you consume them, you cannot add more money.

You should keep in mind that paysafecard will not help you to withdraw your funds, since it is simply a prepaid card and not a debit or credit card, so when you want to withdraw your prizes, you will have to register in the casino account some method payment such as electronic purses or credit or debit cards or, if the option is offered, make a bank transfer.

Paysafecard or credit card

Both one method and another have their advantages and disadvantages. If you want to play in an online casino in Canada, you can use both methods normally. If you want to play frequently, we recommend that you register a credit or debit card and deposit some funds into your account. If, on the contrary, you want to play controlling your money more and also having much more security, we recommend that you opt for this electronic wallet to play in the online casino .

Although at the moment in Canada there is no option to make withdrawals to paysafecard, in other countries it has already begun to test and in some yes the withdrawals to your card are offered. What is clear is that, if you are looking for security, we recommend that you use this prepaid method, since you do not need to include your personal data or link it to a bank account. Do you dare to try it?

Paysafecard, easy to use

Without a doubt, one of the easiest methods to use, and quick to obtain. Without long processes of identity verification or linking of bank accounts. You will find prepaid cards at any gas station, post offices, kiosk or tobacconist, (from its website you can find the nearest points of sale) and of different amounts. You must scratch the part where the PIN code is indicated and enter the card number in your favorite online casino account.

In addition, if you create your paysafecard account you can have absolute control of what you spend, as detailed movements appear, and you can use the paysafecard App to pay for any side. Do you need more reasons?

Create your My paysafecard account

Although to make payments in online casinos you will not need to have a paysafecard account, if it is convenient that you have registered the prepaid cards you use so you can see the movements and have an absolute control of your expenses.

In addition, this account is accessible from the App itself and if you have it correctly linked to your device, you can make payments when you need it.

The security of the funds

If there is something we especially like about this e-wallet, it is the security it offers. By not having to register your personal data or bank details, they are not as vulnerable to phishing, in addition to preserving the privacy of users.

On the other hand, having limited amounts, the cards are not as susceptible to being pirated. It is enough that you do not reveal to anyone the PIN code that contains the card and you can pay and make income to enjoy your favorite online casino.

Paysafecard without commissions

And this is the best part! Each time you deposit through paysafecard, you will not be charged commissions or any fees. In the absence of any banking entity between paysafecard and online casinos, the deposits will appear entirely in your account. Do not you think it anymore! If you wish to make your deposit in an online casino with paysafecard you will not only have security and speed in the transaction, but you will also enjoy your money immediately. Run to your kiosk more and get your prepaid card immediately to enjoy all the games that your online casino offers you.