We are pleased to offer two different packages for payment this year:

Package 1 “play on”: $250
– includes participation in all WRCMS 2018 events, workshops, masterclasses, etc.
– participants choosing this option must arrange their own accommodations for the duration of WRCMS 2018 (July 29 arrival, August 8 departure)
– pay by: March 30th

Package 2 “all-in”: $425
– includes participation in all WRCMS 2018 events, workshops, masterclasses, etc.
– includes lodging in a single-occupancy room in one of WLU’s residence buildings
– pay by: a two-part payment plan is available for this option: a deposit ($250) due by March 30th, and remaining balance ($175) due by April 13th (we also accept a single payment of $425 by March 30th if that works better for you!)

Payment methods:

We accept eTransfers to Please include the eTransfer password in a separate message.

    This is our preferred option, but we understand it only works for those located in Canada. If you are able, we highly encourage you to choose this method, but we understand if it is not possible.

Please use the appropriate button below, depending on which package & payment option you would prefer:

    Package 1, single payment ($250), by March 30th:
    Pay Now Button

    Package 2, single payment ($425), by March 30th:
    Pay Now Button2

    Package 2, deposit ($250), by March 30th:
    Pay Now Button3

    Package 2, remaining balance ($175) + late fee ($25), by April 13th:
    Pay Now Button4


Late Fee & Cancellation Policy

A late fee of $25 will apply to any Package 1 payments, Package 2 single payments, or Package 2 deposits received after 11:59pm on March 30th, and to any remaining balances submitted after 11:59pm on April 13th. Thank you for submitting your payment promptly 🙂
Cancellation policy: $150 of the fee is non-refundable. In the event of cancellation prior to June 28 at 11:59pm, the balance of the fee received will be refunded ($100 refunded for Package 1 or partial payment of Package 2, or $275 refunded for fully-paid Package 2). Should cancellation occur June 29th or later, we are unable to refund your fee.