Call for Scores

To apply for WRCMS, please see the Apply page.

For each of the calls below, please send only one submission (one piece, or one movement of a piece) per applicant.

WRCMS2018 Call for Scores Chelsea Shanoff

WRCMS2018 Call for Scores EP

Additional information for Ensemble Paramirabo call
Doublings available: flute (C flute, piccolo, alto, bass), clarinet (Bb clarinet, bass clarinet)

Works may use the following percussion instruments*:
– Vibraphone
– Glockenspiel
– Snare drum
– Tam tam
– Up to 5 temple blocks
– Chinese cymbal
– Suspended cymbal
– Bass drum
– Kick drum
– Brake drum
– Hi-hat

*We may be able to accommodate requests for a limited amount of additional percussion “toys” or more portable equipment – please email us in advance of the submission deadline if you have a request.

Subsets: subsets of at least 2 players are allowed (ex. a piece written for flute and violin, or a piece for violin, cello, and percussion, etc.)

Please contact us if you have any questions.