Bitcoin is not a current currency, but it is a cryptocurrency, and it is not legal tender, that is, no country has it as an official currency. However, this does not mean that it is illegal to have or pay with it, since as we discovered in this opinion, many online casinos include Bitcoin among their payment methods.

If you want to use Bitcoin, for starters, you should keep in mind that it is a method only for electronic commerce and not for physical purchase, however, it has many more advantages than paying with other currencies such as the Euro, the Pound or the Dollar . You want to know why?

The casinos that accept Bitcoins

Finding casinos that support payment with Bitcoin is not an easy task. That is why in this opinion, we indicate what they are so you do not waste your time searching. It is true that the most popular gambling portals do not usually accept payments with Bitcoins, although little by little they begin to accept it. For example, in bitStarz you can find the payment with Bitcoins, and also in 1xBit and 1xSlots Nitrogen Casinos, BetDNA and in BitBet, the latter whose motto is Play anonymously with Bitcoins and which, as it was not going to be otherwise, only Accept this payment method among your options.

As you can see, there is still great progress for the most popular online casinos to accept Bitcoin among their means of payment. In addition, as it is not regulated by banks, many of the gambling portals in our country include it.

Few promotions with Bitcoin

Except in the casinos that we have indicated before, it is difficult to find bonuses and offers that include Bitcoin. Similarly, Bitcoin itself does not have many promotions related to online casinos or gambling portals.

However, in online casinos that only accept Bitcoin you will find many promotions per deposit in which you normally double the amount you enter. And with that, you can enjoy slots, online roulettes, sports betting or live casino games .

How to deposit with Bitcoin

To be able to deposit with Bitcoin the first thing is to acquire them and it is so simple that you can do it through the exchange houses, through your bank account, it is also the most reliable. Like other servers, you must register and enter the money into your account, and then change it to bitcoins. We, for example, recommend Paxful, where you accept income through PayPal, your bank account, gift cards …

In online casinos with payments in Bitcoins you can deposit and withdraw immediately, after validating the transaction, although it is possible that for some games they are not accepted, so you will have to convert to the ordinary currency.

The pros and cons of Bitcoin

It is one of the most fashionable payment methods because of the many advantages it has. First of all, since it does not belong to any country or is regulated by a bank, it can be used worldwide.

In the same way, as there are no intermediaries, the commissions are low and there are no transaction costs as is usually the case with the cards. In addition, Bitcoin is known for its security and speed, where transfers are completely anonymous and transparent and usually take no more than 15 minutes to become effective .

However, there is no perfect payment method and Bitcoin has some drawbacks, among them, it is that there are no popular online casinos that usually include it among its methods. Also, it is important to consider that its value is highly volatile and varies constantly, so at some point you may be forced to buy it again. As you can see, there are many advantages and disadvantages that Bitcoin has in online casinos. Have you already decided if you are going to use it?

Bitcoin is easy to use.

Available to everyone, without intermediaries and with the same value for all people, the use of Bitcoins is increasingly common. Go to one of the exchange houses that you will find online, for example, Cryptoder, CoinBase or Paxful and make the payment in your currency from a bank transaction, Skrill, PayPal or other electronic wallets.

With this money, you can automatically redeem the amount you want and start enjoying the benefits it offers. No counterfeits, cheap since there are no commissions and without intermediaries regulating the transaction. It is so fast that possibly in less than 15 minutes you are already enjoying the games in online casinos with Bitcoin.

Use it in regulated casinos

To have fun without problems, we recommend that once you register at the casino of your choice , choose one that is regulated, and that offers games enabled to use bitcoins. This payment method itself is one of the safest in the world, however, we advise you to check if the games that interest you are approved and have a random number generator so that they cannot be manipulated, and you can earn money .

Betting with Bitcoins is legal and there is currently no limitation in Spain to use this cryptocurrency.

It is a method without commissions

Since there is no intermediary between Bitcoin and the online casino, you can rest assured that they will not charge commissions on your deposits. It does not work as a credit or debit card, where the bank usually charges some type of fee. With bitcoins you can deposit and withdraw without paying extra commissions. However, it is possible that, at the time of acquiring Bitcoins with a credit or debit card, your bank if you charge any type of exchange rate, which usually is around 2 cents. Do you dare to use Bitcoins in your next games?