Artistic Mandate

As emerging and early career composers, performers, and improvisers, we have an inherent stake in making sure that contemporary music is generational and continues to thrive. As organizers, our experiences and involvement in these kinds of workshops have created opportunities for all of us, including commissions, grants, and artistic validation. We want to make sure that our initiative will afford similar opportunities for everyone involved, and provide a catalyst for future collaborations amongst guest artists, participants, organizers, and volunteers.

We are committed to achieving balance within the gender spectrum in our programming, and we are actively seeking participants who identify (or self-identify) with groups underrepresented within the current, predominantly cis male new music community. Our guest artists reflect several broad approaches to contemporary music-making, including: established contemporary music ensembles, improvisers, electroacoustic and multimedia collaborative artists, and cross-disciplinary pop musicians.

Our mandate includes programming emerging & early career artists. Almost everyone involved in the project including hosts, guest artists, and participants, falls into the student/emerging/early career artist category. What is unique about programs such as ours is that through our curation and content we are promoting and connecting new generation artists representing diverse musical, geographical, and cultural backgrounds. The adjacent professional stages of participants through to our early career guest artists will allow for unique networking opportunities that will sow the seeds for future creations. Those in the student category will gain from the experiences of those in the emerging category, who in turn will gain from the experiences of early career artists, who gain insight from each other as well as the participants they are mentoring. Above all, our mentors bring a world of wisdom from their experiences in the not so distant past of beginning their artistic endeavours in a professional capacity, offering insights into viable options for the creation of art music in the 21st century.