Thank you for your interest in WRCMS! Applications for WRCMS 2018 will be open in December. Information from last year’s application process is below.


WRCMS would prefer to accept all interested parties; however, we have limited resources to accomodate all applicants. The jury will select up to 10 composers and 25 performers/improvisers and notify successful applicants on April 15, 2017, after which we will have a waiting list procedure.

Our criteria for acceptance will be based on a number of considerations. The statement of interest allows us to get a sense of what applicants hope to gain and contribute from WRCMS, and is the most important portion of the application. Please refer to WRCMS’s Artistic Statement, as part of our selection criteria will be to search out applicants whose values align with our Artistic Statement. The jury, comprised of guest artists as well as the organizational team, will also consider the applicants’ biographical details and accomplishments in conjunction with the relevant accompanying materials.


  1. There is a $395 CAD fee* to be paid upon acceptance (your notice of acceptance will include payment options). This fee includes:
    • access to all workshops, concerts, and events
    • access to one-on-one mentorship with our guest artists
    • fees for a studio recording of your playing/composition, which will be released on a digital album and distributed to various broadcasters
    • breakfast and lunch throughout the week
    • lodgings
  2. Composers will write a piece to be played by performance and/or improvisation participants at the final participant concert. Composers will receive ensemble assignments after all participant acceptances have been confirmed. Performers will receive sheet music on July 10, 2017, to prepare for workshopping during the week of August 20-27, 2017. WRCMS will connect paired artists, and help establish initial consultation regarding the work. The premières composed for WRCMS will be recorded as described above.
  3. Please advise us upon acceptance of any allergies or dietary restrictions and accessibility needs.
  4. It is the applicant’s responsibility to secure appropriate Visas upon notification of acceptance.

*We do not want this fee to be a barrier for low income applicants, and, pending the success of fundraising initiatives, sponsorships, and grants, we hope to be able to reduce this fee for all applicants.

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