WRCMS Participant Feature: Isaac Mailach, cellist

Hi, my name is Isaac Mailach and I am a composer. I am from the cozy suburb of Thornhill, Ontario, but am currently studying for my Bachelor of Music, with a major in Composition and Cello Performance, at Wilfrid Laurier University in Waterloo, Ontario.
I have been playing the cello since the age of 3, so I have been surrounded by music almost my entire life. My past cello mentors include Paul Pulford, Katie Schlaikjer, Vernon Regehr, Paul Marleyn, and Tricia Balmer. My passion for the cello compelled me to pursue a professional education in the instrument. As one of my recent accomplishments in the instrument, I have been named a winner of the Laurier Concerto Competition 2017. Other musical instruments I have studied include the piano and the shakuhachi, a Japanese meditational flute.
My desire for composition comes from the amazing stories music can tell, especially when combined with visual media. Sound and image are each powerful media for telling stories, but combined, they can create an experience. Music conveys the emotion, while images provide the detail and the context of the story. My love of nature, as well as my interests in Science, Mathematics, and Computer Science help feed my musical inspiration.



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