WRCMS Participant feature: An-Laurence Higgins, guitarist

I am An-Laurence Higgins, a gutiarist currently studying the classical guitar at the Université de Montréal (B.Mus). I enjoy to play a wide range of music styles, but my favorite music to play is contemporary music.
I totally adore to work with composers. When we do, we can feel a a special spark of creation we can find nowehre else. Artistic collaborations are the most thrilling and enrichiching experiences a musician can hope for. Take a look at my collaborations here and here!
I feel very concerned about contemporary music and I truly believe that we need to play and hear a lot more of contemporary music as it is the key to understand and feel our identity as a society, an artist and an individual.
My lifegoal is to understand in which ways our nowadays art is reflecting our ways of being. I strongly believe that art in even its smallest form changes the course of history and enrich people’s life in every aspect, and I hope to create a space for exchanges and dialogues.


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