WRCMS Participant Feature: Alex Burtzos, composer

Alex Burtzos


Alex Burtzos (b. 1985) is an American composer and conductor living in New York City. His works, which bristle with “biting contemporary edge,” have been performed across the United States, Europe, and South America. Recently, Alex has collaborated with JACK Quartet, loadbang, ETHEL, Righteous GIRLS, Chelsea Opera, Fresh Squeezed Opera, Tempus Continuum Ensemble, the Aspen Music Festival, The Secret Opera, ensemble mise-en, and many others. Alex is the founder and president of ICEBERG New Music, a New York-based composers’ collective.

As a composer, Alex is committed to pursuing artistic expression unconstrained by boundaries of school or style. His “riveting” work incorporates elements of the 20th Century avant-garde, rock, metal, and hip-hop alongside or against classical/preclassical structures and sounds, justifying these juxtapositions with a great depth of musical ideas and extra-musical knowledge. Alex’s music takes as its basis and provides commentary on a diverse array of subject matter, from early colonial history (A Country of Vast Designs) to recent events (12.14.12), from Shakespeare’s tragedies (Teach the Torches to Burn Bright) to naughty text messages. His unique approach has earned him accolades from organizations around the United States, and the opportunity to compose for some of the country’s most accomplished chamber ensembles.

Website: http://alexburtzosmusic.com/


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